Lock your love in Paris

I’m in Paris, France! The city of love! How beautiful.

We took a boat ride down the River Seine and the sights on the banks of the river were amazing! Such a stunning place.  The fact that some older ladies were enjoying topless sunbathing on the banks was interesting but this post is about the Paris love lock bridge.

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Mindfulness alters the mind, what a thought

A blog post I read the other day reminded me that mindfulness is not just something hipsters (or hippies maybe?) do, it is a scientifically proven way to alter your mind (if you are interested the link to the blog post that inspired me is at the end of this post).

I remember when reading ‘Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’ (by Mark Williams and Danny Penman) that its references to cold hard scientific research showing how the patterns of the brain can be altered by practicing mindfulness gave me comfort. This wasn’t just some ‘mumbo jumbo’, this was a practice with proven benefits.

There are many studies that show similar findings, the brain is physically changed by a regular mindfulness practice.  And it doesn’t take long if you want to try it out. Studies have shown 8 week programs are enough to show a change in brain activity.  You don’t need to spend a cent either, there are plenty of free online resources showing how to get started.

Scientific studies or not, I know mindfulness has helped me.

It gets easier every day.

Thank you WordPress bloggers for bringing me different news, ideas, information and plain old ramblings every day.  See the blog post that inspired me here: Endless Light and Love

Trafalgar Square is an actual place!

Tour of London today. We got on a tour bus up the street from the apartment we are staying in, there were a few tour operators trying to entice the tourists onto their buses, it was so easy and convenient.

The bus took in all the major sites and was hop on hop off, so you could get on and off as you pleased. The Tower Bridge is stunning, loved the blue paint. I like the Big Ben and how Trafalgar Square looks down to it too, how come I haven’t seen that view in the movies? And just the name Trafalgar Square, pretty cool seeing the Monopoly Board come to life.

We got off the bus at the Tower of London and Harrods, both were okay. The tower was much more interesting than Harrods though there were big queues to look at the crown jewels and I’m not into armour and guns but my twelve year old loved it. Enjoyed watching our kids ‘train’ to be knights, that was cute.

Adored the rows of cream coloured terrace style buildings, so pretty with green space in between. Even seeing the double-decker red buses and black cabs was great. Loved it!

The above was from my personal archives 30 Aug 2011.

Mindfulness and anger

Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer: Navaneeth KN


Next time you find yourself getting angry try doing something different. Try using mindfulness.

Notice what is happening in that moment. Notice the feelings and emotions that are being evoked by your anger. Notice your thoughts.

Tell yourself the truth: this will pass. Allowing yourself the knowledge that these feelings, thoughts and emotions are just that: just feelings, just thoughts, just emotions enables you to notice what else is happening in this moment. It enables you to observe the anger.

See how you experience anger without letting it control you. It enables you to separate yourself from the emotions and take composed action, if that is your choice.

The thoughts and emotions created by the anger will pass you by soon enough, they are not you. Know this as the truth and allow them to just ‘be’.

It gets easier every day.