Hello Reiki, talk to me

Reiki Japanese text

Today I had my first ever experience with Reiki. I took my youngest son for a body talk appointment and I was really impressed with the whole session. It was a non-invasive, genuinely relaxing healing process.

A Reiki practitioner locates and relieves problems of energy flow in the body. The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words – Rei which translates to “God’s Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki which means “life force energy”.

The synchronicity of the appointment with my son was obvious straight away. He is learning Japanese and this week Japanese students came to his school, and as the practitioner walked us to the room she told us she had been a bit busier today as she had a Japanese student staying with her. If you don’t think that is enough and you are rolling your eyes right now (like my husband did) she also explained she was getting ready for her grandson’s visit this afternoon, and his name was the same as my son’s name. You nodding yet?

So I won’t go on too much about it but I really felt the session was fantastic. It involved gentle touches on my son’s arms, feet, abdomen and head; combined with simple questions and answers from the body itself. The two pearls of wisdom from the wonderful practitioner I would like to share were:

“Feel the energy running down your body, like a feeling of water maybe running through it.”

“Imagine a plunger at the top of your head, pushing all the bad energy down through your body into your feet and out into the Earth.”

Made me feel so good, sitting there and imagining the energy running through my body, and it wasn’t my appointment!

creek-water flow

霊気 by ケリー


Bremen homecoming

Stadtplatz…German word meaning town square

Bremen Stadtplatz! Love it! The Bremen town square in Germany is beautiful, we visited one September and it didn’t disappoint. The buildings are just so lovely. They say a lot were built in medieval times and you can see it, wow! I found the green on top of some the buildings so stunning, I think it may be oxidised copper. Whatever it was speaks of things built long ago when towns were built with pride.

And the food, amazing. We had crepes for breakfast and there was one with marzipan in it…I couldn’t believe that was on the menu and of course had to try it. It was delicious. There is pork everywhere you go (even at McDonalds)! The fries or chips (Pommes frites – sounded like Pom Frits) are seasoned in some sort of spice, it reminded me of apples and tasted yummy! The Currywurst…mmmm! And there is curry sauce for everything, it is great, the place was perfect for my palate!

We spent the day wandering around the Stadtplatz and enjoying the sites and the food, the history (Bremen is a port city with over 1,200 years of history – click on the link to the official tourism site if you are interested in more), the friendly people and for me in particular the ‘feel’ of the place. A piece of me felt like I had returned home.

This time

This post is part of the Time Machine Blogging Challenge, click on the link to find out more. I was really inspired by Linda’s words that the time of your choice can be ‘real or imagined’. There are still spaces left so join in the fun!

I hear the sound of the engine. So distinct I know it’s the one. I get up and run to the front door, opening it quickly. I don’t want to waste a moment so I jump over the small step, running as I pass the hedge blooming with small white flowers. I can hear the loud buzzing of bees as I rush past but I don’t stop to look.

I run onto the cobbled stones of the driveway. They feel firm but warm and smooth on my bare feet. The sun is shining and I feel the comforting warmth of it on my back. I can’t wait as I hurry down the driveway. A distant car is the only other sound I can hear over the beating of my heart. I bend down to the letterbox. Today I don’t care about the snails that sometimes live inside. I reach in haphazardly and grab the mail. It has arrived! I am beyond excited. It’s packaged in a bubble wrap envelope that I quickly rip open.

It’s beautiful! I look. I touch. I can’t get enough as I turn it over and over. It contains so many pieces of me, a mishmash of moments that brought me here, there and beyond. I open and close it, smelling it again and again. I am so grateful for this time.

IMG_5279 blossom

The next post in this challenge will be posted on Glorialana’s Blog so check it out. Thanks to the lovely Linda for hosting this challenge.

Wanna be happy?

If you’re pushed for time and want a quick response to the title question, all you need to read is this first paragraph! Do one thing a day that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. It just has to be something that puts a smile on your face.

My one thing today is my coffee. You choose what is right for you but if coffee is on the list try ordering something completely different maybe, variety is good. Be there with the coffee (okay, that sounds creepy but I just mean really taste it, smell it, etc.). Enjoy and if the mood strikes you, share below what your one thing will be today.

coffee IMG_4404

This time I’ll listen

Gut feeling? Intuition? Guides? Instinct? Are they all the same or are there differences? If I tell you I’m trying to “listen to my guides” do you think I’m crazy but it’s okay to say I’m “going with my gut feeling?”.

I don’t have the answers, today I just want to get it out there that I am listening, I’m trying to get off this merry-go-round with my occupation and find something that gives me a sense of fulfillment, of contribution. To see more beauty in every day.

Image from www.pixabay.com
Image from http://www.pixabay.com

The only lesson you need

Have you ever had the same argument with (maybe) the same person year after year? Feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that never stops? I have. After having this same argument again today I decided to take time out and check my email, and I had a free mindfulness lesson waiting for me from the website http://peacethroughmindfulness.com.au/

Many times I don’t take the lessons straight away as it may not be an appropriate time however today I dove (is that a word?) straight in. It was a great lesson with a simple message to pay attention to your breath, I enjoyed the lesson so I decided to check the website and see if I could post a link here but instead found the great pic below. Sorry you’ll have to check the website yourself if you are interested in the lesson that I referred to, however I think the pic below sums it up nicely.

And what I took from today’s argument and lesson was that I can only control myself, and my breath is a great place to start. So if the same argument occurs again fingers crossed I tackle it differently. My breath will definitely be there anyway 😉

It gets easier every day.