I’m doing it! NaNoWriMo here I come!

I’m doing it!

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month! It starts this weekend and I don’t have a novel title or outline. I do have an idea though. I’m a little worried but I feel okay as reading through the NaNoWriMo information I learnt something about myself (maybe), I’m a “panster”. The definition on the NaNoWriMo site says pansters believe in hardcore spontaneity, I don’t think that’s me however the fact that I have no outline or notes yet, means I can’t tick the “planner” category. I am hoping to jot some ideas down before the official start though, so maybe I’ll be someone in between? A plantster?

Now that I’ve finally decided to join, I’m excited and ready for some fun. By the way, I tested myself the other day and didn’t meet the daily word goal of 1,667 words to meet the monthly total of 50,000 words. So I’m also a little scared, however in my defence that was for blog posts, not a novel, could be different once I have the freedom to just type and not worry about editing.

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

If you are doing it too please look me up and add me to your buddy list so we can encourage each other…I’m kellie@writingmoment (just for some originality).


This time

This post is part of the Time Machine Blogging Challenge, click on the link to find out more. I was really inspired by Linda’s words that the time of your choice can be ‘real or imagined’. There are still spaces left so join in the fun!

I hear the sound of the engine. So distinct I know it’s the one. I get up and run to the front door, opening it quickly. I don’t want to waste a moment so I jump over the small step, running as I pass the hedge blooming with small white flowers. I can hear the loud buzzing of bees as I rush past but I don’t stop to look.

I run onto the cobbled stones of the driveway. They feel firm but warm and smooth on my bare feet. The sun is shining and I feel the comforting warmth of it on my back. I can’t wait as I hurry down the driveway. A distant car is the only other sound I can hear over the beating of my heart. I bend down to the letterbox. Today I don’t care about the snails that sometimes live inside. I reach in haphazardly and grab the mail. It has arrived! I am beyond excited. It’s packaged in a bubble wrap envelope that I quickly rip open.

It’s beautiful! I look. I touch. I can’t get enough as I turn it over and over. It contains so many pieces of me, a mishmash of moments that brought me here, there and beyond. I open and close it, smelling it again and again. I am so grateful for this time.

IMG_5279 blossom

The next post in this challenge will be posted on Glorialana’s Blog so check it out. Thanks to the lovely Linda for hosting this challenge.

Remembrance Day from both sides of the fence

Since today is Remembrance Day I would like to pay my respects to all those who have lost their lives during wars or armed conflicts. I would also like to acknowledge and pay my respects to all who have been pained by wars.

I grew up in Australia and I had two wonderful Nans who nurtured and loved me always. During World War II they were both teenagers living on opposite sides of the world. They both had different stories to share with me later of the war.

photo courtesy of pixabay.com
photo courtesy of pixabay.com

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Five suggestions to help make your dream a reality

In the spirit of the brave decision this week by Australian Jarryd Hayne to leave rugby league at the height of his career to try to play in the NFL, below are five suggestions to help make your dream a reality.


1. Share your dream with others

If you tell people you trust about your dream it takes it one step closer to being ‘real’. Others may give you ideas on how to make your dream a reality and they will ‘check in’ with you about your dream, making you more accountable to yourself.

2. Break your dream down

If your dream seems enormous and you don’t know where to start then break it down.

If you are writing a book, a promise to complete one page or even one paragraph a week is much more attainable than a promise to complete a chapter. You will find your success will spur you to keep going and get to those chapters sooner than you thought!

3. Take action!

I heard on the radio that the only way to secure your failure is to never even try! So try taking a step in the direction of your dream, no matter how small.

The decision by Jarryd Hayne, the most recent winner of rugby league’s highest award (Dally M joint winner), to quit the game and move to the USA shocked many people. Why would someone quit at the height of their career? Hayne said he was “giving himself the opportunity to make it”. This is the same for all of us who aspire to experience or be something else: we must take action or we will continue where we are.

4. Keep trying

I love the quote by Thomas Edison who created the light bulb when he was asked why he kept trying even though he had failed 1,000 times:

“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

5. Be adaptable

The world changing discovery of penicillin was made my accident! It was due to a contaminated experiment that had capsule-158568_640grown mould. With perseverance and hard work this was then adapted into the medical innovation that could be used to treat humans (thank you British Fleming and Chain, and Australian Florey).

As you follow your dreams you may find them evolving, be adaptable, you never know what you may encounter!


Ebola virus: mind your own business

Bill Gates’ charity recently made a $50 million donation to help fight the Ebola Virus Disease. What surprised me most about the donation were the many negative comments I read about it on social media. It made me wonder why we as human beings feel the need to put others’ charitable acts down, but it also inspired me to look at positive things being done to help combat the disease.

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