New year new degree

New year, new degree and a new WordPress theme for me.

So I finally did it! I enrolled in Uni, I am studying my beloved communications.

Trying new logos out too…

My first report was delving into the many varied communication theories that have been painstakingly developed over time.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn this into a long boring read on theories, however I will say a few words on a theory I have already reported on* called communication accommodation theory (CAT) developed by Howard Giles.

This theory basically contends when interacting with people communicators modify their speech to accommodate others (Coupland, 2007).

In basic terms have you ever adjusted the way you speak to a baby? What about an elderly person?

I do, I raise my voice into a higher pitch when I talk to babies, and I drag out my words.

Surely we can agree this theory holds true, we all do it, don’t we? Let me know your thoughts, about the theory and / or the new theme/ logos.


*I got a distinction!
Coupland, N. (2007). Style: Language variation and identity. Cambridge University Press. Retrieved 8 December, 2015, from,