About me

The main topics on this blog are travel and mindfulness (‘staying present’, or ‘in the moment’, which I try to practice each day and reminding myself here is very helpful!), however other random topics are posted at times.

Interaction is welcomed and I like to comment on other blogs too, I try not to judge and be positive (we are all only human right!).

There is no regular posting schedule (as yet!).

I like to believe that everything is exactly as it should be, so stay true to yourself.

Love family, coffee, dark chocolate, nature, sports (esp. hockey!) and lots more!

Oh…and I love writing which is why I started this blog…twitter has fantastic poetry prompts so I dabble a bit there too 🙂

Update for 2016: I am back at Uni! I’m following my long ago dream to study communication so I will be sharing some of my lessons learned there with you. Should be fun!


36 thoughts on “About me

      1. You’re welcome! I don’t think there’s actually a time frame for it. If you wanted, I think you could probably still do it…totally your call. 🙂
        Thanks so much. Yours is great as well!


  1. Dear Kellie – thanks for visiting my Sophia’s Children online home; I’m glad that Linda’s Time Machine challenge led you there. I’m glad to know of your musings here as well. Nature, dark chocolate, coffee, etc. … shared interests, to be sure. 🙂 Blessings, Jamie

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  2. Hi there, Kellie. You’ve got great pictures on here! Thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to your future posts 😉


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