Ryanair please don’t crash

We flew over from Manchester, England to Dublin, Ireland today. It was a really quick flight, less than an hour. It was with a budget airline called Ryanair and the funny thing about them is when we landed they played a horn, as if to celebrate.

Image courtesy of flickr

To be honest it was the scariest landing I have ever experienced, I will never forget the look of fright and surprise on my youngest son’s face when we landed. My eldest son asked me if we just crashed.

Other than the landing the flight was great, the entry on and off the plane was great (I had been told that since they do not allocate seats there is a mad crushing rush to get a spot on the plane, that was not true at all). The flight staff were friendly and the flight was on time. Oh, and they will allocate seats for a small fee, which I had to do since we had three children I didn’t want to risk not sitting next to each other.

The big attraction was the really cheap price. It was cheaper than catching a ferry across the Irish Sea and a lot quicker. Now onto our Irish travels, my next post will feature me kissing, and not with my husband!

The above post was from my personal archives, dated September 2011.


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