Bremen homecoming

Stadtplatz…German word meaning town square

Bremen Stadtplatz! Love it! The Bremen town square in Germany is beautiful, we visited one September and it didn’t disappoint. The buildings are just so lovely. They say a lot were built in medieval times and you can see it, wow! I found the green on top of some the buildings so stunning, I think it may be oxidised copper. Whatever it was speaks of things built long ago when towns were built with pride.

And the food, amazing. We had crepes for breakfast and there was one with marzipan in it…I couldn’t believe that was on the menu and of course had to try it. It was delicious. There is pork everywhere you go (even at McDonalds)! The fries or chips (Pommes frites – sounded like Pom Frits) are seasoned in some sort of spice, it reminded me of apples and tasted yummy! The Currywurst…mmmm! And there is curry sauce for everything, it is great, the place was perfect for my palate!

We spent the day wandering around the Stadtplatz and enjoying the sites and the food, the history (Bremen is a port city with over 1,200 years of history – click on the link to the official tourism site if you are interested in more), the friendly people and for me in particular the ‘feel’ of the place. A piece of me felt like I had returned home.


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