This time

This post is part of the Time Machine Blogging Challenge, click on the link to find out more. I was really inspired by Linda’s words that the time of your choice can be ‘real or imagined’. There are still spaces left so join in the fun!

I hear the sound of the engine. So distinct I know it’s the one. I get up and run to the front door, opening it quickly. I don’t want to waste a moment so I jump over the small step, running as I pass the hedge blooming with small white flowers. I can hear the loud buzzing of bees as I rush past but I don’t stop to look.

I run onto the cobbled stones of the driveway. They feel firm but warm and smooth on my bare feet. The sun is shining and I feel the comforting warmth of it on my back. I can’t wait as I hurry down the driveway. A distant car is the only other sound I can hear over the beating of my heart. I bend down to the letterbox. Today I don’t care about the snails that sometimes live inside. I reach in haphazardly and grab the mail. It has arrived! I am beyond excited. It’s packaged in a bubble wrap envelope that I quickly rip open.

It’s beautiful! I look. I touch. I can’t get enough as I turn it over and over. It contains so many pieces of me, a mishmash of moments that brought me here, there and beyond. I open and close it, smelling it again and again. I am so grateful for this time.

IMG_5279 blossom

The next post in this challenge will be posted on Glorialana’s Blog so check it out. Thanks to the lovely Linda for hosting this challenge.


20 thoughts on “This time

  1. I love your writing, how you describe how things feel and look. I was there with you. I’m curious, though. What’s in the envelope?! A book that you wrote?

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  2. Hi Kellie,
    I so agree with Mary about your writing style. It is so wonderfully descriptive. You took me there right with you onto the cobblestones under the sun.

    But I am confused about what I read. How is this related to the challenge? Is your post metaphorical or literal?

    In any event, I am pleased you chose to join us and add your creativity to the mix. Thank you for also reading the other blogs and commenting with enthusiasm. This “cross pollination” effect is the main reason I organize these blogging parties.

    peace, Linda

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    1. Thanks! Yes, when reading the other posts I realised mine wasn’t quite the same, so I’m glad you asked me why I chose it 🙂 Because it manifests all my hard work, efforts and time of a skill I have worked on for a long time, and at many different times (I can remember primary school and high school moments focused on this skill). I guess I have always put this skill aside for other things for one reason or another so I’m grateful your challenge allowed me to share how the time I spent manifests into something that will/has/is impacting my life (in a good way!).
      Cross pollination, lovely way to put it! Really appreciate you putting this challenge together, thanks 🙂

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      1. Are you speaking of your writing skill? You clearly are talented and I plan to read more of your blog. I like how you spell realise. Is that an Aussie thing? 🙂

        Thank you for your appreciation. It requires persistence among other things, but it is so rewarding.

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      2. Oh Linda, thank you, that made me smile, so generous of you to say! Yes, my writing is something I have let fall to the background many many different times…even my Uni degree, I worked so hard to get accepted into Journalism then things happened and I left without attending, later to get a degree in a completely different field, but I think my comment is getting long so maybe that is a story for another day!
        Realise…I guess it must be Aussie, I didn’t even know it was different!
        Well I have enjoyed your challenge, and I think you must have put an enormous amt of time and effort into it, plus you have made me want to look into more! Such fun! Big hugs xxx

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  3. Wonderful writing Kellie, I so enjoyed reading it! I have no idea about this challenge nor do I have time to find out. I’ll be following you as always…Thank you for a beautiful start to my week…

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  4. I was with you in the moment, feeling all the sensations, a beautiful share of excitement , you shared brilliantly a moment of time.. so well written.

    Thank you Kellie, lovely to connect within this moment with you .. Sue ❤

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