The only lesson you need

Have you ever had the same argument with (maybe) the same person year after year? Feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that never stops? I have. After having this same argument again today I decided to take time out and check my email, and I had a free mindfulness lesson waiting for me from the website

Many times I don’t take the lessons straight away as it may not be an appropriate time however today I dove (is that a word?) straight in. It was a great lesson with a simple message to pay attention to your breath, I enjoyed the lesson so I decided to check the website and see if I could post a link here but instead found the great pic below. Sorry you’ll have to check the website yourself if you are interested in the lesson that I referred to, however I think the pic below sums it up nicely.

And what I took from today’s argument and lesson was that I can only control myself, and my breath is a great place to start. So if the same argument occurs again fingers crossed I tackle it differently. My breath will definitely be there anyway 😉

It gets easier every day.


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