The mountains are calling from Queenstown New Zealand

Take a break in Queenstown, New Zealand! The beauty of this place is obvious straight away, on your plane flight through stunning mountains just before you land at the airport. What views!


Where ever you look in Queenstown there are beautiful mountains. In particular the Remarkables mountain range can be seen and makes a gorgeous backdrop.

The town is set on the shores of pristine Lake Wakatipu. The shores of the Lake are like a beach, with locals and tourists alike enjoying a moment to just sit by the water. We grabbed fish and chips and had lunch there, it was fantastic.

As the town is considered the adrenalin capital of New Zealand there is plenty to do all year round. The name winter ski resort springs to mind however we were there in Spring and had a great time.

Again my family out voted me and we ended up going on a jet boat ride (Shotover Jet) which was so fantastic! I may share more about the activities in Queenstown in a later post, for now though, it was all about the view.


6 thoughts on “The mountains are calling from Queenstown New Zealand

  1. I would love to go here at some point in life– it is definitely on my list! The mountains look absolutely breathtaking and, as you mentioned in a previous comment response, I want to see the areas where they filmed Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit was filmed in NZ, as well, wasn’t it? I want to see a hobbit house in person 🙂


    –Jess (

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