Murder, mayhem and mindfulness in the London Dungeon

I never had any intention of going to the London Dungeon but I’m so glad I did. It proved mindfulness really does work!London Dungeon entrance - Copy - Copy

It all started at the London Eye. The guy at the ticket counter sold us a double attraction and he said we could choose Madame Tussauds or the London Dungeon and of course my family out voted me four to one, our democracy choose the London Dungeon.

I’m so lucky they out voted me as the dungeon was fantastic! It was a taste of history shared by awesome and very friendly actors, mixed in with some rides and some frights along the way.

I knew mindfulness was at work when I later realised I had “starred” in two of the acting scenes without batting an eye lid. I hate being the centre of attention and although I was thrown into that situation twice in the dungeon, I never stopped to feel uncomfortable while I was there, I was so caught up in the moment and having such a great time.

It is irrelevant but I’ll throw it in for completeness – I got selected to be (kind of) murdered so English doctors could use my body for experiments, then I got burned for being a heretic (by bloody Queen Mary). It was so much fun!

As I was getting off a ride one of the actors scared me so well I screamed, it was hilarious.

London Dungeon -  Copy

The above was taken from my personal archives 2011.


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