Lock your love in Paris

I’m in Paris, France! The city of love! How beautiful.

We took a boat ride down the River Seine and the sights on the banks of the river were amazing! Such a stunning place.  The fact that some older ladies were enjoying topless sunbathing on the banks was interesting but this post is about the Paris love lock bridge.

Padlocks on the bridge to lock your love ❤

On our Paris boat ride we went under the Pont des Arts bridge that is covered in padlocks.

The story goes that couples in love put their names on a padlock and lock it to the bridge.  They then throw the key into the River Seine below.  Sounds so romantic, and the bridge looked amazing.

Apparently this phenomenon started in Hungary and has spread around the world more recently.  Of late though the locks have been causing structural problems to the bridge, where one part of the Pont des Arts bridge collapsed.

Stop locking your love in

City authorities are now encouraging romantic tourists to post selfies on social media with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks.  Not sure on the success of that or not, what alternatives would you propose?  Is there an environmentally friendly item to throw into the river to signify love?  Maybe a large screen at the site to broadcast the selfies? Or would that run the risk of inappropriate pictures being hashtagged? Would love to hear from you.

This post is from my personal archives 2011.


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