Trafalgar Square is an actual place!

Tour of London today. We got on a tour bus up the street from the apartment we are staying in, there were a few tour operators trying to entice the tourists onto their buses, it was so easy and convenient.

The bus took in all the major sites and was hop on hop off, so you could get on and off as you pleased. The Tower Bridge is stunning, loved the blue paint. I like the Big Ben and how Trafalgar Square looks down to it too, how come I haven’t seen that view in the movies? And just the name Trafalgar Square, pretty cool seeing the Monopoly Board come to life.

We got off the bus at the Tower of London and Harrods, both were okay. The tower was much more interesting than Harrods though there were big queues to look at the crown jewels and I’m not into armour and guns but my twelve year old loved it. Enjoyed watching our kids ‘train’ to be knights, that was cute.

Adored the rows of cream coloured terrace style buildings, so pretty with green space in between. Even seeing the double-decker red buses and black cabs was great. Loved it!

The above was from my personal archives 30 Aug 2011.


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