England you beautiful lady

I’m in England! I can’t believe it! Even after a 22 hour flight from Sydney I am so excited!

This is my first time out of Australia! Unless you count our Hong Kong stop over, where I was sick as a dog mind you. The Hong Kong airport has the cleanest bathrooms ever, I can attest to that.

We arrived when there was some sort of festival being set up for the next day so the cab driver dropped us at the top of a cordoned off street and we walked to our accommodation, I noticed signs on buildings for the suburb/location you are in, so cute.

And yes, we went in a black cab. A black cab! Heathrow airport has a very orderly line up for the cabs and staff assist you in the line, we were worried about a cab for the five of us but the staff told us all the cabs seated five, they have extra chairs they easily pull out! So cool.

But right now in this moment I am sitting here on the edge of a pond in Hyde Park! OMG! I can’t believe I’m here!! Rotten Row here we come!

Okay, that was strange, I just smelt cigarette smoke at the cafe we are sitting outside at! Not used to that! It has been banned in my home town. I can see the London Eye from where I sit!! I am beside myself!

It is a beautiful morning, even though I swear it feels like it is the afternoon. Is the sun playing tricks on me? What a beautiful place.

The above was from my personal archives 29 Aug 2011.

Take a journey through Hyde Park here.


10 thoughts on “England you beautiful lady

  1. Great pix Kellie, must have been fun!
    London parks, museums, sights etc are a treat.
    Years back I attended the Mandela 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park — that was perfection.
    Anyway, happy new year…hope ’15 is a beauty 🙂


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