Act like a child and get some happiness

Grow up!

Act your age!

Aren’t you too old for that?

No No No! Let’s get back to basics to help us get a little happiness in the moment. Keep reading and see how.

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The other day I was reading a blog that suggested adults should do colouring in as it can provide stress relief. So does this tie in any way to the fact that children often seem so carefree?

I get the fact that children don’t have mortgages; I’m not missing the obvious. What I mean is when they see a bubble floating in the air they watch it or try and catch it, but either way they are focused right here, in this moment. Are they better at being present for each moment than adults? I think so.

Who instils all this fear, shame and embarrassment on us for expressing our ‘inner child’? How about you ignore them and try a few things from the following list. With Halloween you may already have had the chance to dress-up, if you dared!

Try these to bring some happiness back:

  • Colouring in, drawing, doodling
  • Smiling and waving at strangers
  • Jumping on trampolines
  • Climbing trees, visiting tree-houses
  • Giggling uncontrollably
  • Skipping
  • Randomly dancing around
  • Eating Birthday cake
  • Jumping into pools (don’t hurt yourself!)
  • Playing hide and go seek
  • Doing exactly what we want instead of what others expect
  • Learning new things (try an instrument or a language!)
  • Playing tips
  • Being silly
  • Playing video games
  • Kicking puddles (too afraid to get a bit messy?)
  • Singing at the top of your lungs or in the rain
  • Swinging on a swing (careful here, don’t push the size limit of the baby seats!)

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12 thoughts on “Act like a child and get some happiness

  1. I LOVE to color! Thank you so much for the reminder. I think playing is so important to getting in touch with our joyful nature. These are great ideas!

    And if you are ever in the US, stop by so we can swing together. We can see who can flip their shoes farther.
    Big hugs!


  2. One of my students told me to grow up the other day. I stopped rolling around in my wheelie chair (I was pretending to be a car) and said “you can’t make me, you’re not my mum,” and then I stole her pencil case.

    Being an adult is boring, the more I work with teenagers the more I see them forced into becoming mini-versions of their parents, caring more about exams and future career prospects (at age 11 or 12!) then actually being alive.

    Silliness appears to be a great remedy. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the reminder. I am a very grown grown up. I was skipping down the street one day this summer. A friend who was walking toward me asked, “Aren’t you afraid people are going to think you are nuts? “I am nuts, I said, nuts enough not to choke on being an adult and not to care about what they think.”


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