Yes I have an ego! Liebster award!

I have just been nominated for my first blogging award!

Liebster: word of German origin meaning dearest, darling, dear, sweetheart.

The purpose of the award is to recognise and encourage relatively new bloggers – specifically, those with less than 200 followers.


Thank you sappy as a tree: celebrating beauty in creation.  When I first saw the nomination I was very excited, obviously my ego came to the fore! Even though I work on reducing the power of the ego I definitely still have one!

Then I read the instructions and even though it looked like fun I wasn’t sure where to start in nominating 11 other blogs for the award and asking them 11 questions…then I got an idea off another award winner, and I decided to nominate five blogs and ask five questions of the nominees.

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

  • Post the award on your blog. 
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to his or her blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

11 random facts about me:

Here are 11 random facts about me, which I decided would be things I love (in no particular order):

  1. The sound of the rain
  2. The colour green
  3. Hugs from my children
  4. Seeing new places
  5. Falling snow
  6. Mountains
  7. Walking in nature
  8. Coffee
  9. Holidays
  10. Dad’s Christmas glazed ham
  11. The free art gallery in the sky

5 bloggers I feel deserve the award:

Apologies in advance to any of the bloggers I have nominated if it is stated on your blog that you do not participate in awards, I had read comments like that in the past and had no idea what they meant! Now I know and if you do not participate please ignore this post!

I have nominated the following blogs, not only because I really enjoy them but because they really help me in some way, they are great reads (or photos, or videos!):

  1. Seize one day
  2. Uncultured sisterhood
  3. Angels on FIRE!
  4. Ahmad Al Charif
  5. From Stillness

Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter

  1. If you walked into a Starbucks, what would you order? A medium or large (depending on the size) cap with 2 sugars.
  2. Read a good book lately? Please divulge its title and author. I am currently re-reading Tess of the d’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy, I had really forgotten how sad and often full of irony the life of Tess was.
  3. How do you feel about rainy days (or Mondays)? I love rainy days!
  4. Camping: do you like it or loathe it? Camping is super fun, providing it is no more than once a year maybe, and I have access to a bathroom!
  5. Name one of your favorite desserts. Pavlova! Yum! I make my own from scratch, and my topping of choice is cream, cherries and pistachios.
  6. When you travel from one place to another–via public transportation or personal vehicle–do you listen to news, music, audiobooks, or your own thoughts? I guess depends who I’m with and how I’m feeling. Often my own thoughts or music.
  7. What is your favorite holiday? Definitely Christmas although ANZAC day I make ANZAC biscuits every time with my family so that is quite a special day.
  8. Which section of a newspaper do you turn to first–news? editorials? comics? entertainment? crossword? sports? living? classifieds? realty? business?  Sports! I don’t like reading the ‘bad news’ all the time, I find the news contains lots of items to make people scared and / or angry about something, so I try to avoid it.
  9. For a date night, would you prefer a concert or a movie? Movie.
  10. How long have you been authoring a blog? I think about 10 months or so.
  11. Jane Austen’s character Lady Catherine de Bourgh famously said about the piano, “If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.” Is there a talent or skill that you wish you’d had the opportunity to develop? What might you have become a “great proficient” at, if you had had the opportunity to learn? Love this question! This was tough though, there are so many things I’d love to be proficient at! I’d say speaking other languages.

My questions to my nominees

  1. If you could travel in time what one thing would you change?
  2. If you could speak an additional language what would it be?
  3. Where is your favourite place in the world?
  4. Best piece of advice (on any topic) you have ever been given?
  5. Do you wear green on St Patrick’s Day?

Thank you so much Sandi from sappy as a tree: celebrating beauty in creation!


26 thoughts on “Yes I have an ego! Liebster award!

  1. I like the way you listed your random facts–it almost read like a poem. Thanks for responding! I’m like you: I like to camp a couple of times a year (we didn’t get to this past summer, which is probably why it’s been on my mind)–but not too rustic, please.


  2. I watched the mini series… (Tess of the D’ubervilles.) I don’t know if my heart could take the book.

    Thanks for the nomination… I actually only found out because I just happened to read this post of yours. I enjoy and appreciate all of your comments and posts.


      1. I usually love stuff like that but I really love the more mundane stuff… Anything Jane Austen, Cranford, Lark Rise to Candleford. These things are my “soap operas” I suppose as much as i hate to admit it. But in England, everything is more cultured so it doesnt count. The small details.

        After the Tess miniseries ended, I just sat there watching the credits with a dumb look and a sad little heart. I remember thinking that they should put disclaimers on shows like that. Here I am, cruising amazon for a period fiction and I start this expecting something and getting something wholly else. *shrug*


  3. Eeeeeeee!!!!! Congratulations! This is great news and I’m so glad that you are being recognized. I love your blog! (And you, of course. But you know that.)

    Now, of course I have to go look up ANZAC day and Pavlova but as far as I’m concerned, anything with cream, cherries and pistachios is welcome in my book.

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I don’t have any rules on accepting awards since this is the first anyone has given me but I’d like to give my award to you so you can have two. Right now I’m learning how to juggle what I have on my plate and it’s not in my best interest to participate. (But please don’t think that I am not honored and would love a great big hug! I just have so many good things going on that I’m trying to manage what I do have and many of them seem to be picking up speed right now.)

    I’m so excited for you! (And I’m totally with you on the camping WITH a bathroom.)

    Much love,


    1. Thank you Sarah! I already replied to your lovely comment the other day but that reply is non-existent so here goes take two…
      I am so excited to see how some of those things currently on your plate pan out, I am supporting you all the way (from the other side of the world!).
      Definitely sending big hugs 🙂


  4. Congrats on your nomination, and good luck!

    i felt very happy to read my name under “5 bloggers i feel deserve the reward”.
    it gives me great pleasure to connect with people, and to be able to share my thoughts with you all.

    Again, best of luck!!


  5. congrats on your first blogging award! I was over the moon when I got mine and my ego was in 7th heaven.

    I see you over at Sayestoeverything, whic is tres cool. Thanks for finding me and your follow.

    PS time travel is spectacular 🙂


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