Ebola virus: mind your own business

Bill Gates’ charity recently made a $50 million donation to help fight the Ebola Virus Disease. What surprised me most about the donation were the many negative comments I read about it on social media. It made me wonder why we as human beings feel the need to put others’ charitable acts down, but it also inspired me to look at positive things being done to help combat the disease.

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So Bill Gates’ charity gives a large donation and social media commentators feel the need to respond with things like how he originally made his money, or why he chose West Africa to give to, what is his underlying reason? Are those questions important at that moment? Why can’t we as human beings realise we are all motivated for different reasons at different times and if help is provided where it is needed that is a good thing?

If a person sends a donation or offers their support to help in any way, who am I to say that is not the best way to spend your time or money? What I am passionate about may not be the same as you, but does that make either of us wrong?

To be honest I have no idea what motivates each and every person or organisation, as human beings I hope it is because we have a sense of wanting to be connected to each other but it’s none of my business, it is helping and that is what matters!

Now to some things I see as positive in the fight against Ebola Virus Disease:

  • It heartens me to see that doctors and nurses continue to travel to the infected areas to offer their help.  For example Medecins sans Frontiers have treated hundreds of people with the disease, a World Health Organisation team of Ugandan health workers has been deployed to Liberia, and Cuba is sending medical staff to assist.
  • United Nations teams are providing food and supplies to communities in affected areas.
  • The United States is sending troops to build Ebola treatment facilities.
  • The European Commission has provided three mobile laboratories.

And there are many more of our fellow human beings who are assisting on the ground or have provided donations. Their reason is irrelevant now, they are helping and it is needed.


Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) quick facts

  • Ebola symptoms can include high fever, muscle pain, vomiting and diarrhoea;
  • Symptoms can appear as long as 21 days after exposure to the virus;
  • A person must have symptoms to spread Ebola to others;
  • The disease is transmitted by direct contact with blood, bodily fluids and tissues of infected people or animals;
  • There is currently no vaccine;
  • Re-hydrating patients can help recovery.



13 thoughts on “Ebola virus: mind your own business

  1. Personally, I love that we get to choose what we think about. I like looking at it as someone who cares and is concerned about others doing something that is within their power to do. We can’t all do everything. I like that. It pulls us together to ask for help. I am grateful that there are people with resources who share them.


  2. Kellie,

    You ask why people love to put down someone’s charitable gift. Well, the “climbers” will be the ones who do that. They are too small and earthbound to soar on their own, so the alternative is to climb on someone else to make themselves look good.

    “See me! What I am saying makes me better and smarter than Bill Gates!”


  3. Ebola, AIDS, and all other viruses and negative entities will not be relevant for any Angel because Angels cannot be affected by them all. Return to the Angels all things that do not serve us! We are healthy, whole, and complete in mind, body, and spirit.


  4. It really is mind-boggling people can criticize those who are giving their money to assist in combating a deadly disease…because Bill Gates. And yet if rich people like him didn’t do so, there’d still be tongues from those very people. Anyway, hoping help is reaching the medics and social workers who are helping the ill. They are heroes.


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