Secret shifters and humiliation

I read in the book ‘The Secret’ about secret shifters, and I liked that you could add positive feelings to your thoughts by focusing on things to lift yourself up. One way was to close your eyes and smile for a minute, and although I like this I prefer the method of listing out ten items that can instantly shift your thoughts.

photo credit: adotmanda via photopin cc
photo credit: adotmanda via photopin cc

Reading my ten items back now, over a year later, I notice they are full of items that offer humiliation to myself or others.  I’m not sure why this is, how come I get joy out of such mishaps?

For example one of my ‘secret shifters’ to quickly lift my mood was a time I cried from laughter after I had fallen over at a busy city intersection.  Another time included my eldest son being covered in mud as he attempted to kick a football and fell over.

I’m not really sure why so many of my secret shifters are full of humiliation.  I know I am not alone in this thinking, judging by the success of many television shows and YouTube videos based on mishaps to others!

I will share with you (maybe so you don’t think I am completely horrible!) that some of my items were just items of love and laughter (without humiliation!).  Such as my family and the love we share, my daughter singing and laughing in a shopping centre, or my youngest son dancing at a local shop, only to find out that cameras around the shop played on a huge television screen for all to see!

So whether there is some deep psychological reason my mood lifts when someone trips over or if it is just part of that moment doesn’t matter, just take some time to list five or ten items that will instantly lift your mood, it does work.

A good way to end is this thought from the book:

“You have the power to change anything as you are the one that chooses your thoughts and feels your feelings.”

It gets easier every day.


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