Elance job anyone?

As someone who loves the written word and is in the middle of writing her first book, I thought it would be fantastic to get a few paid writing jobs, so I tried my hand at Elance.

Elance is an online workplace that connects freelancers providing all sorts of services (including writing, proofreading and editing) with businesses offering paid work. It sounded like a dream come true!

So first to the account set-up process. Quite user friendly, not too time consuming. I added a few pieces of my writing to my online ‘portfolio’, took some online tests and had my phone number verified. All set up, now to the fun part – applying for some jobs.


photo credit: scottkellum via photopin cc
photo credit: scottkellum via photopin cc

I decided to apply for three jobs. One of them was a healthcare website requesting articles. Although the business did not indicate any type of budget or pay rates, they asked applicants to submit a cost for their services per hour. Being new to Elance I had no idea of a fair amount, so I did some research, including looking up minimum wage rates (since I am not established I decided I shouldn’t charge too much), and I submitted my application.


The business replied quite quickly, something like:

Dear Kell(Y) (yes, they didn’t spell my name correctly!), given your expectations we would not be able to offer you a job. We outsource to Elance to save money…

Ouch! My expectations were to write and get paid a bit for something I enjoy, not highly paid at all, close to minimum wage! I was shocked the reply was all about money, did not mention my skills or my application that had taken a lot of time and effort to put together.  Was I being unrealistic?

I guess time will tell, however in future posts I plan on writing of my success on Elance! Here’s to manifesting paid writing work 🙂


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