The simplicity of mindfulness part three: Pregnancy

First of all, I am not advocating pregnancy simply to stay in each moment! I have noticed there are times in my life when I have easily experienced ‘mindfulness’, ‘living in the moment’ or ‘being present’; however you like to say it. Being pregnant was one of those times.
How easy it is to stay present when you are looking at your unborn baby on the ultrasound screen, or watching and feeling the movements of the baby inside you. When I was pregnant people would say I was ‘glowing’, and now that I am learning about mindfulness I think it was due to ‘being in the present moment’.
It was easy to be mindful when I was pregnant, I didn’t need anything but the moment to sit and think about my beautiful baby growing inside, to touch my belly, to feel the sensations of the baby moving both on the inside and the outside of my body.

When the baby got bigger its movements would often keep me mindful. Sometimes when I was thinking of something else, my mind wandering, a big thump in my belly would bring me back to the moment. It was my baby and it kept me present.

Obviously not everyone can experience being mindful while pregnant, however most can enjoy the beauty of watching a newborn baby sleep.
It gets easier every day.

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2 thoughts on “The simplicity of mindfulness part three: Pregnancy

  1. What a wonderful reminder!

    I do remember getting those kicks and having to listen to my body for what to eat, how to move, whether I needed to adjust position in the later months. It was a big change from doing everything for me and helped prepare me to start thinking of caring for another.

    I had never thought of what a great practice it is in mindfulness. Thank you for such a beautiful post.



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