Winter Olympics – for thrill seekers or athletes?

I am inspired by watching the Sochi Winter Olympics to write a short post on why we get so obsessed with these particular games. Or, perhaps a better question is, do we really get that obsessed?

At my office job I have heard a few ramblings that the Winter Olympics aren’t the ‘real thing’ and they don’t compare with the Summer Olympics in any way.  The fact that a few of the events look like they would be more at home in the X games has eyebrows raised: is this true athleticism or just thrill seekers out to play?  Why isn’t there an event where you jump off the side of the mountain and parachute, the fastest to the bottom winning? Perhaps there already is!

I never fear for someone’s life while watching the 100m sprints or 50m freestyle swimming at the Summer Olympics, yet I can’t help fearing the person on the luge may get very hurt if they fall off, hurtling down the track with very little protection at speeds near 138kmh or 86mph!

Thrill seekers or not, I really enjoy watching the Winter Olympics and greatly admire those athletes who take part.  Whether they are as athletic as the Summer Olympians doesn’t matter, their courage and dedication seem boundless! Best of luck to all!

I’m off to watch the ski jumping – again, I hope that the jumper makes the landing, this looks scary too!


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