Learn to love the rain with mindfulness

The rain never spoils your day!

Read on and see how you can retrain your mind to embrace the rain and never let your mood be ‘dampened’ by the rain again…(sorry, it’s bad but pun intended!).

rain on window

It ‘is what it is’, don’t label unnecessarily:
When I see it is raining, windy, snowing, or whatever nature has brought us, I sometimes comment to my children “oh, it is a windy day today”, I never say “it is a terrible windy day”, it is what it is.

Wet days can be fun:
Have you ever just danced or walked in the rain because you can? Try it, feel the rain on your face, see if it is cold or warm, are the drops big or small? Can you catch any in your mouth?

Make alternatives in case of rain:
If a rainy day would interfere with any plans you have, make substitute arrangements just in case. Social media and text messages will also help to easily advise others if alternative locations are needed.

It rained on my wedding day and I have some lovely photos with umbrellas. I still remember walking in the rain to get photos taken, and how funny it all seemed to try and avoid mud and puddles in a full length wedding dress and high heels!

The traffic jam is less stressful:
Waiting in the traffic can be stressful but when it is raining you have something else to focus on while you sit there. When I am stopped I often open my window a bit and see if any rain hits me, I ask myself what the temperature feels like, and can I sense the size of the raindrops?

Don’t forget getting a car-park in the rain! This is bliss, everyone stays away and you suddenly get pole position!

Remember the rain provides water and cleans things
I will admit when it comes to the rain I am biased, I love the rain. The noise, the smell, the feel of it on your face, the fact that it is providing water and cleaning things, I love it all. Hopefully you can too, or at least learn to accept it as it is.

It gets easier every day.


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