Mind the sky: the easy way to a moment of peace

Stunning clouds

Want some peace in your life, even for just one moment? Have a look at the sky. That’s all!

It’s that easy if you just let it be!

You have my secret, however if you want to read a bit more about why I love it so much, read on…

With mindfulness I am finding the smallest things are filling my moments with awe and wonder. I am still learning so I notice myself bringing my thoughts back to the present moment over and over each day. It is quite easy to forget to โ€˜stay presentโ€™ and get lost in random thoughts, but something I have noticed helps me is the sky.

The sky is amazing. It changes every day and the beauty of it is awe-inspiring. I live in a part of the world where I see four seasons a year so viewing a changing sky is not an issue, I have just never paid much attention to it before.

This afternoon I noticed the daylight beauty of a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. It looked like a painting. Recently the sky has become an art gallery to me, showcasing amazing artwork and helping me stay in the moment.

Just an hour later at dusk I noticed the sky had clouds that looked pink and orange, with pockets of bright blue and dark blue. I donโ€™t ever recall it looking so brilliant. I stood there and stared, noticing the cool breeze on my face and wondering how such shades of blue existed.

The night time sky is just as spectacular. It feels easy to stay present when I am looking at the moon and I am so amazed by the vastness and diversity of the sky. I know it will help me stay present for many moments to come.

It gets easier every day.


8 thoughts on “Mind the sky: the easy way to a moment of peace

  1. Great post, my bed is right next to my window and sometimes it’s great just gazing out towards the sky and listening to the sounds of life do their thing! At night it’s even better, trying to tune into the stars ๐Ÿ™‚

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