The simplicity of mindfulness part two: Travel

London eye

Now that I am learning about being mindful I can see I have had many instances of it without realising. In those times I am always at peace. One of the most obvious ways I have been mindful is when I have been travelling.

‘Being present’ when travelling is easy for me, however I did not understand that this was what made me so ‘at peace’ each time I travelled. It wasn’t about the location, it was about my mind.

When I travel I do all the things that mindfulness educators tell you to do without trying. I take everything in: sights, sounds and smells, I notice everything in the moment. The fact that I am aware I will only be at the location for a set amount of time has always creates a mindset to get the most out of every moment.

I easily noticed how beautiful Hyde Park in London was when visiting there, but I had never noticed the beauty of my own city, with her own stunning parks. This easy ‘travelling mindfulness’ is harder to channel in the usual daily routine, however you can do it! Just stop. Look around. Take a moment. See the beauty that is already there.

It gets easier every day.

If you found the above interesting you may find part one about sports interesting too.


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