How to host your own mini-retreat at home

If you are like me and long for a meditation retreat but can’t afford the cost, can’t give a full weekend to the retreat or whatever your reason may be, read on, I hope to inspire you to host yourself on a mini-(non-traditional)-retreat!
waterfall path
Meditation retreats are so varied but just like meditation itself, I don’t think there is a ‘wrong’ way to have a retreat. Provided you get some time to ‘just be’ you cannot fail, and best yet, you get to make up your own however you want!

Here is my ‘to do’ list for my retreat tomorrow (note the lack of planning, oh well!):

  1. Organise for other members of the household to be gone!  I have asked my husband to take our sons to the movies, and our daughter has agreed to be silent for the duration.
  2. Wake up followed by thirty minutes of meditation.  No phones or TV!
  3. Prepare home-made porridge, with honey and spices (nutmeg and cinnamon…mmmm).
  4. Breakfast in silence, consisting of porridge and a herbal tea (my fav right now is chai).
  5. Thirty minutes of yoga.
  6. Gratitude: write down ten things I am grateful for.
  7. Pampering time: manicure.
  8. End time: my daughter and I will be off to a local coffee shop where she will get a hot choc and I’ll get a coffee (I love my morning coffee!).  We plan on walking by the local pond in silence while we have our yummy drinks.

I can’t wait! Let me know your variations of a mini-(non-traditional)-retreat, would love to hear from you.

It gets easier every day.


4 thoughts on “How to host your own mini-retreat at home

    1. Yeah, the time with my daughter (9 yo) was actually the best part! Very funny as it was supposed to be more about ‘me’ time! Can’t say we were silent either!

      Honestly, those “be quiet for hours” weekends don’t work for me, I end up thinking about other things way too much and feel awful! I have found a good laugh and a silly dance (with my daughter mostly!) works the best for me 🙂


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