The simplicity of mindfulness part one: Sports

Now that I am learning about being mindful I know I have had many instances of it without realising, and best of all, without trying! In those times I am always at peace.

This week I will share the first one that comes to mind: sports.

Not just physical well being!
Not just physical well being!

It is very easy to stay in the moment when playing sports. On the sports field you must be aware of all that is happening; where your team mates are, where the opponents are, where the ball is, the referee, your coach, the list goes on.

Give sports a try!
Give sports a try!

Either be aware of it all or you aren’t really in the game, and what is the point of that?  So you don’t care if you lose, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about being mindful. Awareness of all those things contributes to mindfulness, and trust me (yes!) life is much better when you live the moment!

A good sports player keeps their mind on the game. They must also be able to acknowledge exactly what is going on in their body right now, in the moment. Without this awareness a better team will use this weakness to their advantage, or worse, you may get injured (perhaps even faint as my team-mate did last week!).

So give sports a try, you will find yourself conscious of all that is happening in the present, if not for the fun of it then to prevent getting hurt – what better reason to keep your eyes on the game than to protect those same eyes from getting a ball in the eye?

It gets easier every day.

There will be more ‘ease of mindfulness’ topics shared in coming weeks, including ‘watching sports’, as I know some of us prefer to watch, not play, but this too provides great mindfulness opportunities.


4 thoughts on “The simplicity of mindfulness part one: Sports

  1. I like this–I rock climb, which is a sport that certainly forces me to be in the moment. Not that my mind can’t wander–and it does–but the consequences are more immediate!


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