So you’ve seen the space between your thoughts, now what?

I have only seen it a few times through my meditation. The enlightenment, the attainment of spiritual wonder, a certain ‘mind clarity’, a space between thoughts (‘the gap’), or whatever it may be named.

Each time it hasn’t stayed with me for more than a few seconds but I know it is possible. The question is, what does it mean?Full moon

In this ‘space’ it is almost as if I’m not part of myself, I’m there but I’m not really there!

I know that comment sounds silly, but it’s as if I am in a place where there is nothing!  I enter another part of my mind (so to speak!), where no thoughts exist.  So blissful!  The problem is as soon as I acknowledge I am there, it goes away!

During my meditation I notice my breathing. I tell myself many times to focus back on my breathing as I meditate. In and out, my abdomen goes up and down. The problem with the knowledge that this space exists is that I wish for it more and more, and that interrupts my focus on my breathing.

I am not an expert but I think a fundamental part of the ‘mind clarity’ is that it is free from thought, so the very fact that I think of it so much is against me!

So it seems the answer is to stay focused on my breathing, and this has always been the focus of my meditation, so nothing has changed.  However I think the knowledge of this ‘mind clarity’ helps my commitment to daily meditation, by showing me that the peace I seek is always within me. If I stay focused on my breath in each moment that is all I need. To just be.  It gets easier every day.


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