My first novel – currently in production!

I am currently writing my first novel, the theme is spiritual awakening.

It is a (long) work in progress!

I have plans to post preview chapters and pages here, however this will not happen until mid-2016 (yes this has been updated).

Thank you for checking!

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(C) kellie@writingmoment
(C) kellie@writingmoment



6 thoughts on “My first novel – currently in production!

  1. Hi Kellie,

    interesting. I have been meaning to start my novel too, focused around spiritual awakening and how it changes the perception.

    Best of luck and let me know when you have got some progress happening 🙂


    1. Thanks Alex! I will definitely share more when I have some good progress to share!

      Your novel sounds interesting…why haven’t you started? Sounds like a great read!

      Good luck to you too, and thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


    1. Hey! OMG, I’m actually on here and just read your comment as I (attempt to! ha ha) blog.

      Thank you so much for asking! Those enquiring minds might motivate me to do something! 😛 For some reason I haven’t been motivated lately with my writing at all, and today I felt some pull to do a bit of the blog…the novel…well…still in production! Is it really that far into 2014 already!!?!!?

      Really appreciate you asking! xox


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