Five tips to help you be mindful

If you have ever heard of ‘mindfulness’, ‘being present’, or ‘staying in the moment’, you probably realise it is not just something for highly spiritual people.

It is a way of being, a sense of peace with accepting things exactly as they are, in this moment.  I am learning and  it has not always been easy.

sky with darker clouds

Here are some tips that have helped me:

1.  When you wake up in the morning take three mindful breaths. This means really noticing the breath. Notice where it goes in and out of your body, notice the sound if you can.

2. Get a meditation app (and meditate!). There are heaps available. Some have guided

meditations and others just have bells, both have helped me.

3.  Be thankful. Be grateful for what you have. Make sure to take a moment each day to list at least five things you are grateful for.

4.  Notice your breath. I get that this goes back to point one, but I think I need to emphasise the importance of the breath. It is something we all have and it is there in every moment, so acknowledging the breath is something simple everyone can do. You can count the breaths if you like, but don’t get lost in the counting, stop when you get to ten and start again.  A good place to do this is while you are waiting in lines, don’t get frustrated, just notice your breath. See lines as opportunities to practice being mindful!

5. Dance. I think I saved the best until last. Is it just me or does dancing bring us back easily to the present? I’m no professional dancer but I am always right here, in this moment when I dance. I have found myself looking up different dance styles and utilising free videos online to learn different dances. I now know a bit of a salsa and a German slap dance, all while being mindful. Next stop: Irish dancing!

Hope the above tips help you.

It gets easier every day.

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